Toxic Pillow

This is the most disgusting pillow I have ever seen. And you might ask if I found it in the street or if I ran over it with my car on a muddy day. Nope, neither of those. It is, in fact, on my teenage son’s bed. Once I discovered it, after being thoroughly grossed out, I removed it from the room–thought about using the BBQ tongs to carry it down the hall, but this might have been just a bit of overkill.

Now, please understand that I do, in fact, clean my children’s bedding, however, Jacob’s room is somewhat of a disaster area, so I have a tendency to avoid it and just tell him to bring me things that need washing–or boiling. I only ventured into the den of filth after he laughingly told someone the other day that his pillow was brown. Huh? I said, “Oh, Jacob, don’t exaggerate like that.” And, he of course told me that he was not exaggerating at all. So, I had to see the evidence for myself.

What I found was disturbing. He refuses to sleep on sheets or use pillow cases. I do not know why. I did my best to clean and freshen the bed itself, which had no sheet, and I put clean sheets on the bed. Then, I stole his blankets and washed those in HOT water. I replaced the brown, stench-filled pillow of filth with a new one, complete with pillow case.
I threw the offending object into the garage, as close to the garbage as I could fling it, fully intending to give it a proper burial in the giant trash can the next time I went out. However, Jacob got home, and the first thing he noticed was his beloved pillow on the garage floor, and he insisted on redeeming it. I’m pretty sure it’s back on his bed, but I’m comforting myself with the fact that I did at least try to get rid of the thing.

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