Monthly Archives: November 2008

Free Haircuts

I’ve been fired.  Yep, fired from giving Jason his free, at-home, do-it-yourself haircuts with the clippers purchased from Target.  Seems that when the guard flies off in mid-cut, it leaves a pretty noticeable bald stripe…kinda like a miniature runway.  Jason’s runway just so happened to be right up the middle of the back of his head.  I actually thought it was a great way to make a statement a la Extreme Makeover.  He, however, did not want to sport the runway as the next big metrosexual must-have.

So, the only other choice I had was to go back around and cut it all off.  Yep, all of it.  So, we’re just now starting to feel the chill in the Kansas City air, and my hubby is running around bald as a billiard ball with a glowing white scalp to boot.  I keep telling him he’s going to start a trend, but it didn’t help solidify his confidence when Marissa, our 6-year-old, piped up that, “Daddy needs a wig.”  I told her if she didn’t want Mommy to cut her hair next, she’d let the whole wig thing go.
To top things off, he wanted this haircut because his new boss was coming in from out of town to meet him, so he wanted to look sharp.  Mission accomplished.  Well, he looks memorable, and what more could you want when meeting the new boss for the first time?

Screaming Dalmations

Halloween was a success! We had one dead cheerleader, one skull fairy, and two teary-eyed dalmations. The dalmations were less than thrilled with this new-found American tradition of dressing up in ridiculous costumes to parade around the neighbohood begging for candy. The dead cheerleader and the skull fairy, however, are quite accostomed to the tradition and were bursting at the seams to get out there and load up on candy!

The little dalmations walked for a while, only making it to the first five houses before they slumped into their strollers, exhausted and ready to eat what little candy they had aquired. They looked like big marshmallows stuffed into their strollers, as the costumes were filled with extra fluff for the full dalmation effect. Coupled with the droopy dalmation hats they each wore, they were barely recognizable as we pushed them the rest of the way through the neighborhood.

Jacob had his own way of celebrating the holiday and contributing to the family fun. He sat on the porch strumming his guitar and doling out candy to passersby. He would have liked to amp up, but we made him leave his heavy-duty amplifier inside so as not to scare away the neighbor children.

It was a successful night, and we now officially have enough candy to last through a global famine. We’ve also learned that it does not take long for the little boys to aquire new American tastes. They have developed quite an affinity for KitKats and M&Ms. Happy Halloween!