O Christmas Tree

Our Christmas tree is still standing!  If you’ve ever set foot in our household, you would completely understand why this is a major accomplishment.  Between the two toddlers and the three cats, there are forces beyond my control working to destroy any and all holiday decorations.

Micaela has been collecting clip-on birds for the tree.  Every year she gets one, so as of this year, she had several clipped in various locations around the tree, which is great, except for the fact that cats tend to want to eat birds.  We came home a few days ago to a fake bird massacre, with gawdy feathers and glitter strewn everywhere and the broken bodies of birds clinging fearfully to the drooping branches.  Evidently, the cats were not able to discern between the real thing and Micaela’s collection, so she now has an enviable collection of bird torsos and feathers.
The tree itself stands majestically behind a plastic gate that closes off the entire entry room, making it look like one of those rooms in an old historic house that you can only look inside but can’t actually go in.  Yep, no flash photography, folks.  As if that weren’t bad enough, this is the only room that is completely closed off from the boys, so in addition to the Christmas decor, this room also houses anything and everything that needs to be kept from the boys.  As I left this morning, I saw computer bags, hamster food, shoes, book bags, a guitar, Christmas wrapping paper and bows, and cell phones–all of which, I might add, drastically affect the look I was going for in this room.
At least two of the cats like to climb the tree and sleep in the higher-up branches, which would be no big deal, except for the fact that one of the climbers looks more like a bobcat that a house cat.  This tends to make the tree shake like we’re in the middle of an earthquake…
But the tree is still standing!  This is a true Christmas miracle!

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