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Well, we may not be quite ready for the olympics yet, but my girls did a great job of wowing the judges this weekend at the X-treme Invitational!

Marissa placed an impressive 4th place, which made both Jason and I very happy, considering the fact that the previous week, she scratched out and received an average of 2.something.  Needless to say, she was devastated and really worked up about this next meet.  Of course, Daddy was able to be at the X-treme  meet, and this is what she attributes to her big win, I am sure.  There is something about that special “Woo-Hoo!” thad Daddy yells out right before she competes.  Nothing else can quite compare.
Then there is Micaela.  Wow!  Double-Wow!  That little girl has started looking even sharper in her routine!  She earned herself a 1st place medal this weekend, and rightfully so.  She always worries me in the middle of her routine, because she tends to travel, and by ‘travel,’ I mean the whole length of the mat.  But there was no traveling during this routine.  I’m telling you…we are bound for the Olympics!

Tropical Fruit

The hits just keep on comin’ in our house!  Jadon has recently discovered his nose and deemed it the perfect hiding/storage spot for any number of small items.  Most recently, he decided to stash a good-sized serving of pineapple there.  I’m not sure if he was planning on saving it for later or just leaving it there or what.  All I know is that, for days now, he has been making this funny blowing noise…kind of like a breaching whale when it blows out water…and every day another chunk of pineapple comes out!

He seems to think this is a very funny trick, as he laughed his little socks off when a chunk flew out of his nose and directly into my cereal bowl the other day.  And, being the non-germophobe mom of five that I am, what do you think I did with that bowl of cereal?
Yep, you guessed it.  I spooned out the offending chunk, tossed it in the trash, and continued with my breakfast.  By this point, I’ve pretty much seen it all, and a little chunk of pineapple flying out of a nose is just no big thing.


Ok, I have never had a sleepwalker before, but evidently we have one in our house now.  Marissa has always been pretty funny when she’s sleepy.  She can be wide awake one minute and then drop like a rock in the next, and she’s been known to just stop walking, lay down, and fall asleep.

Last night, however, was a first.  We had gone into the girls’ room to tell them goodnight, and Marissa was already asleep.  So, while I was talking to Micaela, Marissa did this half-stand/half squat thing on the top bunk and started to chicken walk to the foot of the bed…then she proceeded to walk right off the end.  Luckily, I was standing there and was able to catch her, so other than possible internal injuries, she should be fine.
I really don’t think she was awake at all though.  And it was quite unsettling, because she sure appeared to be awake and coherent.  Ok, well maybe her eyes were a little glazed, but it was dark, so I overlooked that part.  By this time, Jason had made it into their room, and we were both asking her what she was doing.  All she could do was repeat, over and over again, “I gotta, I gotta…”  And then she would just let her thought trail off into never-land.
After she had walked in several circles and repeated herself about a dozen times, we were able to ascertain that she might not be awake.  (I know, we are brilliant.)  So, we proceeded to stuff a still-asleep Marissa back up onto her bed, and I’m pretty sure she would have just slept on the bunk bed ladder if we had left her there.  I’m still not sure she even remembers the event, but we sure got a pretty big kick out of it!

Costa Rica Top Ten

Things Commonly Heard From Tourists in Costa Rica

  1. Holy crap!  What was that thing?
  2. Dammit!  Another mosquito bite!
  3. Agua…need agua.
  4. Whoa!  Is that an iguana or a dinosaur??!!
  5. Sunburn?  Nah, I won’t get burnt…I’m channeling my inner Costa Rican.
  6. Ouch!  Sunburn!  Where’s the Solarcaine?
  7. Hey, look!  It’s a monkey!  And it’s scratching its butt…awww, how cute.
  8. Hot, hot, HOT!  This sand is HOT!
  9. You want me to eat what?
  10. And finally, the most common thing heard from tourists in Costa Rica:  This place is awesome!!

The Toilet Saga Continues

Yes, new things abound in our toilets every day.  Last night, I caught Jadon, our newly-turned-two little terror, stuffing an entire basket of dirty laundry into the upstairs toilet.  Yes, the entire basket was soaked by the time I caught him, and he was busy trying to gather more laundry into the basket, surely to have the same fate as the previous load.

Our toilets will never be the same!  I am sure that some day in the near future, we will need the services of a plumber, and we will probably have to explain the plethora of items in our pipes, from toys to laundry to shoes.  I don’t think the standard household piping and plumbing can withstand the curiosity of a two-year-old boy.
And, to top that off, Jadon proudly displayed for us his newly acquired ability to climb over the child-proof gates in our house, allowing him access to all the previously off-limits areas.  Short of installing razor wire over the tops of the baby gates, I’m not sure how we’ll manage to keep Houdini out of the high-level security areas of the house.
Here’s yet another piece of information about the Amazing Jadon:  He can also climb out of his baby bed. This skill was evidently just acquired yesterday as well.  His mattress is now lowered to the bottom rung, and his bed resembles something more of a cage than a bed, but for now, hopefully we can keep him contained at least at night.  We need those evening hours to be able to rebuild the disaster-area that was once our house.
Jordan turns two in a week, and we can only hope that he, too, will join in his brother’s antics!