Costa Rica Top Ten

Things Commonly Heard From Tourists in Costa Rica

  1. Holy crap!  What was that thing?
  2. Dammit!  Another mosquito bite!
  3. Agua…need agua.
  4. Whoa!  Is that an iguana or a dinosaur??!!
  5. Sunburn?  Nah, I won’t get burnt…I’m channeling my inner Costa Rican.
  6. Ouch!  Sunburn!  Where’s the Solarcaine?
  7. Hey, look!  It’s a monkey!  And it’s scratching its butt…awww, how cute.
  8. Hot, hot, HOT!  This sand is HOT!
  9. You want me to eat what?
  10. And finally, the most common thing heard from tourists in Costa Rica:  This place is awesome!!

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