Well, we may not be quite ready for the olympics yet, but my girls did a great job of wowing the judges this weekend at the X-treme Invitational!

Marissa placed an impressive 4th place, which made both Jason and I very happy, considering the fact that the previous week, she scratched out and received an average of 2.something.  Needless to say, she was devastated and really worked up about this next meet.  Of course, Daddy was able to be at the X-treme  meet, and this is what she attributes to her big win, I am sure.  There is something about that special “Woo-Hoo!” thad Daddy yells out right before she competes.  Nothing else can quite compare.
Then there is Micaela.  Wow!  Double-Wow!  That little girl has started looking even sharper in her routine!  She earned herself a 1st place medal this weekend, and rightfully so.  She always worries me in the middle of her routine, because she tends to travel, and by ‘travel,’ I mean the whole length of the mat.  But there was no traveling during this routine.  I’m telling you…we are bound for the Olympics!

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