Ok, I have never had a sleepwalker before, but evidently we have one in our house now.  Marissa has always been pretty funny when she’s sleepy.  She can be wide awake one minute and then drop like a rock in the next, and she’s been known to just stop walking, lay down, and fall asleep.

Last night, however, was a first.  We had gone into the girls’ room to tell them goodnight, and Marissa was already asleep.  So, while I was talking to Micaela, Marissa did this half-stand/half squat thing on the top bunk and started to chicken walk to the foot of the bed…then she proceeded to walk right off the end.  Luckily, I was standing there and was able to catch her, so other than possible internal injuries, she should be fine.
I really don’t think she was awake at all though.  And it was quite unsettling, because she sure appeared to be awake and coherent.  Ok, well maybe her eyes were a little glazed, but it was dark, so I overlooked that part.  By this time, Jason had made it into their room, and we were both asking her what she was doing.  All she could do was repeat, over and over again, “I gotta, I gotta…”  And then she would just let her thought trail off into never-land.
After she had walked in several circles and repeated herself about a dozen times, we were able to ascertain that she might not be awake.  (I know, we are brilliant.)  So, we proceeded to stuff a still-asleep Marissa back up onto her bed, and I’m pretty sure she would have just slept on the bunk bed ladder if we had left her there.  I’m still not sure she even remembers the event, but we sure got a pretty big kick out of it!

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