The Toilet Saga Continues

Yes, new things abound in our toilets every day.  Last night, I caught Jadon, our newly-turned-two little terror, stuffing an entire basket of dirty laundry into the upstairs toilet.  Yes, the entire basket was soaked by the time I caught him, and he was busy trying to gather more laundry into the basket, surely to have the same fate as the previous load.

Our toilets will never be the same!  I am sure that some day in the near future, we will need the services of a plumber, and we will probably have to explain the plethora of items in our pipes, from toys to laundry to shoes.  I don’t think the standard household piping and plumbing can withstand the curiosity of a two-year-old boy.
And, to top that off, Jadon proudly displayed for us his newly acquired ability to climb over the child-proof gates in our house, allowing him access to all the previously off-limits areas.  Short of installing razor wire over the tops of the baby gates, I’m not sure how we’ll manage to keep Houdini out of the high-level security areas of the house.
Here’s yet another piece of information about the Amazing Jadon:  He can also climb out of his baby bed. This skill was evidently just acquired yesterday as well.  His mattress is now lowered to the bottom rung, and his bed resembles something more of a cage than a bed, but for now, hopefully we can keep him contained at least at night.  We need those evening hours to be able to rebuild the disaster-area that was once our house.
Jordan turns two in a week, and we can only hope that he, too, will join in his brother’s antics!

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