Monkey Boy Has Been Foiled

After a night we’ll chalk up as pretty much sleepless, we decided we had to fix the problem caused by our little monkey and his newly-found talent of being able to climb over and out of anything!  We counted having to put Jadon back in his bed 12 times at bedtime the other night, and he finally fell asleep after that…only to begin the whole climbing out of bed process again at 2 a.m.  By our usual alarm clock time, we were both zombies and were running on very little sleep.

As much as I would have like to get mad at the little guy, he’s just too darn cute.  I kept waking up and seeing this cute little pair of chocolate brown eyes peering at us at about mattress-level, just waiting for us to pick him up and put him in our bed.  We finally gave in that night, but at the same time, we decided that something must be done to fix this glitch.
We purchased an invaluable crib tent and had it installed for last night’s foray into dreamland.  Jadon was actually very interested in the assembly process as Jason began to hook this contraption to his bed, and he really didn’t mind it so much even after it was on there.  He started to figure out the plan, though, when we carried them back upstairs at bedtime.  When he realized that Jason intended to put him IN the tent, he started with a fit I have not quite witnessed before, one in which he screamed as loudly as he could while trying to climb over the top of Jason’s head.  He was finally able to peel the banshee off of himself and plop him into his new digs, and he quickly zipped up the tent before any thought of escape even crossed Jadon’s mind.
Boy, that kid was MAD!  Well, for all of about 5 minutes anyway.  He must’ve realized finally that there would be no escape, and he finally got quiet.  And guess what???  He didn’t make a peep the entire night!  I’m sure he decided he needed to get a good night’s sleep so he could spend the majority of today working on a plan to escape the tent tonight.  We’ll see how long it takes little Houdini to figure a way out of this.  For now, though, we are enjoying peaceful sleep once more.

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