Take Your Money-Grubbing Shopaholic Kid to Work Day

Yes, I am, in fact, re-naming this day in honor of Micaela, who now thinks that a perfectly good work day consists of shopping on the way into work, buying donuts and juice, attending fun and entertaining presentations about earth day, shopping on the way to lunch, having a delicious Mexican lunch, drawing pictures during the afternoon, and shopping on the way out of work.  Hey, wait a minute!  That DOES sound like a great work day!

She proclaimed, at the end of this very, very, very long day (for me, anyway) that she wished we could do this every day.  Here are the reasons I gave her for not being able to do this every day:
1.  I got nothing accomplished.
2.  I could not afford it.
One of the highlights of the day for me came along early in the morning.  I was explaining to her what a sympathy card is, and I told her, “It’s a card you buy when someone dies.”  To which, she responded, “How are they even gonna GET the card?”  Evidently, I explained this incorrectly, because she thought I was sending the card to the person who had died.  (Note to self:  future explanations of this to other kids should involve a little more detail.)

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