What Will He Think of Next?

Monkey boys triumphs again…yes, you heard right.  We were only able to revel in the spoils of our success for a short while before Jadon came up with yet another scheme to make us lose our minds.  He still has not figured out how to escape the crib tent, which is a very good thing.  This means many nights of restful sleep for everyone else in the house.

However, his devious little mind has come up with yet another plot to undermine our parenting prowess.  Now, luckily for us, he can now remove every stitch of his clothing in a very expeditious manner.  He caught us off guard the very first time he did this, as we thought that when he was very quietly “playing” behind the couch that he was simply being a nice, quiet boy playing a nice, quiet pretend game of cars with his Matchbox collection.  Oh, no…we were sooooo wrong.
He was so proud of his newfound trick, in fact, that he pranced out from behind the couch in all his streaking glory and did a little dance for anyone who would watch.  I think I put his clothes back on him at least a dozen times, and he took them off at least a dozen plus one.  I finally gave up and let the little guy run around free as a bird…until I realized that…oops, he’s not yet potty trained.  If you realize this the hard way, you’ll soon discover that toddlers are worse than puppies who have not yet been house trained.
So, as I scrubbed the carpet and mopped the wood floor, I found myself fantasizing about different ways I might be able to keep his diaper on him.  The best idea so far is duct tape, but I think that might cause a bit of skin irritation, so I’m refraining from that at the time being.

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