Monthly Archives: June 2009

Towel Tyrant

Marissa has started a new “Towel Service.”  Of course, she got this idea from her daddy, who has “Dad’s Cleaning Service.”  His service involves docking the kids’ allowance for any of their junk he has to pick up from the floor, the counter…pretty much anywhere that it should not be.  So, Marissa came up with the brilliant idea of starting her own service.  On her own, she decided to reorganize our towel cabinet and hang out a towel for each family member.  The towels, so she tells us, are to last for exactly one week.  She will replace them on Sundays.  And, to top it all off, she has color-coded the towels, so that she will know if anyone switches out their towel before the appointed time.  Should any towel security breaches be discovered by her, she will charge each offender 50¢.

Holy cow.  We have created an organizational monster.  This is all Jason’s fault, and I take none of the blame since I am organizationally inept.  The law in our house has spoken, and she plans on ruling the towel constituency with an iron fist.

Disney for the Criminally Insane

I’m wondering if such a place exits, because if it does, that’s where we’re going to be vacationing in just one short week.  Yep, in only one week, we will pile into the family van and cram as many of our personal belongings in there with us as we possibly can, and we’ll begin the trek across the country to the happiest place on earth.

Maybe going to Disney won’t make us crazy.  Maybe we’re already nuts.  Seriously.  We will be traveling with a 14-year-old, an 11-year-old, a 7-year-old, and two 2-year-olds.  Oh yeah, and as if we weren’t already nuts enough, we also invited our daughters’ friend to tag along.  Yep, eight of us piling into the ol’ 8-passenger van, surrounded with pillows and blankies and drippy sippy cups and kids who whine every 15 minutes about how much longer it could possibly take to get there.
But, we’ll be on our way to see Mickey himself, traveling to a childhood mecca on a trek that could quite possibly lead to the adults on the trip being institutionalized.  But, by golly, before they lock us up, we’ll gear up with mouse-ear hats and winky-blinky necklaces and t-shirts and anything else we could possibly spend money on.  We’re guessing it’s good that we just go ahead and skip straight to the insanity part…so that we don’t ever actually realize how much money they gouge out of us in the meantime.
Disney, here we come!