Jadon’s Newest Words

Pants (sounds a lot like pi**)

Break (in reference to the ornaments on our tree…which happen to be breaking at an alarming rate this year, thanks to little toddler hands that love to rearrange them)

Me, Me, Me (as in ‘me too’ or ‘take me with you’)

Potty (Halleluiah—we are going to the potty, but you have to listen carefully because it sounds like paw-ee)

Wash (as in ‘if I throw it in the sink, Mommy will wash it.’

Cold (Welcome to Midwest winters, little guy, it’s chilly!)

Jo-Jo (in reference to Jordan, the one he loves and antagonizes every day)

Jay-Jay (when referring to himself—as in ‘give some of that to Jay-Jay’)

Stinky (what Mommy says when it’s time for a bath—sounds like ‘tinky’)

Cocoa Puff (the best one yet—usually comes out with a few too many ‘cocoas’ and one really accentuated ‘puff’—something like co-co-co-co-co-big pause-PUFF!)

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