Peace and Quiet and Bridge Trolls

This is something I struggle with as a mom.  It seems that I have been rewarded in life with children who are abnormally extroverted and talkative, the exact and polar opposite of myself.  (Except for Jacob, bless him, who can have an entire conversation with one word or even a grunt.  Now, that’s my kind of conversation!)

I love my family dearly, and yet there are some days when I just need to hear the quiet.  I need to know that no one needs any answers and no one needs my input in their extremely critical conversations.  Sometimes moms just need to vegetate, to chill, to let the world pass by—even just for 5 minutes.

Five WHOLE minutes would be so nice.  So last night, I made it through all the various crises and meltdowns that everyone was having, and I was so looking forward to a few precious minutes of nothing.  And that’s when it started.

Evidently, Jason is of the same thinking as the kids and is abnormally social and extroverted and well…human.  Some of us, however, are not.  There was this strange sequence of events that led up to him wanting to do some complicated paperwork, empty the dishwasher, replace the roof, and steam clean the carpet—all at the very same time. 

Ok, well maybe I’m exaggerating a little bit, but here’s what I have to explain.  Those of us who live in the anti-social, introverted world of gnomes and bridge trolls need to have quiet and dark and peace every once in a while.  If social activities like basic conversation and interaction continue without a break here and there, our heads could actually explode.  And the pressure that explosion would release would actually be welcome.

So, from the bridge trolls to the tap-dancing socialites, chill for a few minutes every now and then.  It’ll be a happier world for all of us if we can find a peaceful land somewhere in between cocktail parties and darkened basement corners.

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