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Jadon has a new best friend. Not his brothers. Not his sisters. Not even Handy Manny on TV. Nope, it’s even better.

A lot of kids have imaginary friends, and I’m totally ok with that. In fact, the more, the merrier. But I have to draw the line somewhere, and I think my toes are inched firmly up to (and about to go over) the line.

Jadon’s new best friend does everything with him. They take baths together, eat cheese together, and even watch cartoons together. They are inseparable. It is, however, unfortunate that his new friend happens to be his wee wee (or however you are supposed to spell that made-up word).

Laugh if you must. You are right—it really is pretty funny when you think about it. He wants to do everything with Wee Wee and go everywhere with Wee Wee. The problem comes in when he starts announcing his intentions for anyone and everyone to hear. Examples:

  • Wee Wee wants cheese. (No, Jadon…Wee Wee doesn’t want cheese. You want cheese. If you want cheese, just ask for some cheese—please.)

  • Wee Wee want bubble bath. (Yes, this is slightly disturbing, especially given the fact that once in the bubble bath, his main focus is placed squarely on the scrubbing of Wee Wee.)

  • Wee Wee go night-night. (Yes, please! For the love of Pete, put Wee Wee to bed, because Mommy can’t stand to hear you include him in one more conversation!)

All this is to say that I really thought it was a bit of a hardship when I had a kid attached to pacifiers or to special blankets, but oh no. That was nothing compared to the now blossoming friendship between a boy and his Wee Wee. So, if you get the chance to foster a forever-friendship between one of your kids and any sort of imaginary or unlikely friend, shoot for a special pillow or even a special pair of PJs. Trust me, it will be much easier to explain when he announces it in public.

The Argument

Marissa: Those are clementines

Jacob: No they are not. They are Mandarin oranges. I have been to China.

Marissa: My teacher said they are clementines.

Micaela (Jumping into the fray at this point): Your teacher must be an idiot.

Jason (After verifying that they are, in fact, clementines): Marissa, you are right.

My children are lovely.