Monthly Archives: February 2010

‘Tato Butt

I had forgotten all about the hilarious things 2-year-olds say. After all, it’s been a while since I had any of those little things running around the house, and as I have recently been reminded, they can be pretty darn funny.

Jadon and Jordan have a Mr. Potato Head they have just decided must be a part of their daily play schedule. Evidently, it’s hilarious to put the ears in the nose hole and the mouth where the hat goes, and I’m glad for them that they have this small piece of entertainment in their little lives. Anyway, Mr. Potato Head—you remember him, right?—has that little flap on his rear end that opens where you stick all the spare potato parts. Well, this piece of Mr. Potato Head’s anatomy has become known as the ‘Tato Butt to Jadon.

And let me tell you, there is nothing worse that when the ‘Tato Butt is missing. Our Mr. Potato Head has logged a lot of hours of play, and this has made his butt flap a bit loose. So, the little flap thingy falls off frequently, much to Jadon’s dismay. You see, Mr. Potato Head is not complete without his butt.

Yesterday, having the typical patience of a 2-year-old combined with the anxiety level of a caffeine junkie, Jadon went into a full-blown panic. I told him to slow down. Tell Mommy what’s wrong. He looked at me, little eyes all teary, with the most serious expression on his face, and asked, “Where ‘Tato Butt Go?”

Luckily, this story has a happy ending, as ‘Tato Butt was lying just out of sight under the coffee table. Mommy got to be the hero, and ‘Tato Butt was placed back on Mr. Potato Head, in the place of honor it should rightfully hold. So, the moral of this story is…the world can be one big, frustrating place to a 2-year-old, but if you can keep track of your ‘Tato Butts, everything will be fine.