“S” is for ‘Oh, crap, Mommy said a bad word.’

Yes, our little parrot has decided that the word he enjoys most, the bestest word in the entire English language, the word he must use frequently is a certain 4-letter exclamation that he learned directly from his own mommy’s mouth.

See, what happened is this. Mommy was calmly working in the kitchen preparing spaghetti and reciting educational nursery rhymes to her boys (Yeah, right…and there was a unicorn and a rainbow, too.), and all was going well. Until…yes, until…Mommy splashed some sort of boiling concoction onto the floor, narrowly missing turning her foot into a well-done main course.

And Mommy (who shall remain unnamed) did what any self-respecting adult who saw boiling liquid hurtling toward her foot would do. She yelled. And not just something like, “Oh golly!” or “My heavens!” Nope, I’m pretty sure it was more along the lines of “Sh*t!”

You know, 3-year-olds are very quick learners. Yes, indeed. Not only did Jadon jump in and mimic that word instantly, but it’s as if he now has some sort of daily quota he must meet in order to maintain his hip 3-year-old image. And he enunciates, very well I might add. It’s not like I could cover this up and say, “Oh,” (laugh, laugh), “what he meant to say was ‘sit.’” Nope, nothing like that. Up until this point, he hasn’t been able to pronounce the ‘s’ sound worth a sh*t, but now, all of a sudden he is a master of the complicated ‘sh’ sound.

When he drops something, he says it. When I drop something, he says it. When Max or Ruby drops something, he says it. In fact, if he even thinks someone might drop something, he says it—just in case it might actually happen!

So this is my proud parenting moment of the week. And I have learned from this. I have learned to be very, very careful and not to let anything drop from my hands in Jadon’s presence.

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