Do little boys just come genetically predisposed to being disgusting? I’m thinking the answer is a resounding YES! Yes, they do. It’s taken me a long time to learn this, but here is the evidence I have collected:

  • Jordan will frequently stash food in the sofa cushions or under the sofa, only to dig it out days later for a yummy (albeit a bit stale) snack.
  • Jadon is fascinated with his mouth, ears, nose, and other unmentionable areas.
  • Jordan loves to dig in the trash for whatever treasure he might be able to find.
  • In Jordan’s little mind, poop is an equivalent and acceptable substitute for Play-Doh.
  • Jadon will spend countless minutes on the potty straining to soak through layers of toilet paper he has placed strategically below him for target practice.

So, this all leads us to Jadon’s newest word: Disgusting (pronounced uh-sgustin). Everything now is uh-sgustin, and when he encounters anything disgusting, he announces it to anyone who will listen. Just the other day, he informed our family doctor that the trash can in his office is disgusting. He will point to food that drops on the floor and deem it disgusting.

But here’s the fun part. He likes to be disgusting. And he loves it when I groan and cringe when he sticks his finger in his own nose. He will run circles around the house—finger in nose—sing-songing ‘uh-sgustin’, uhsgustin’ while I chase him with whatever form of wiping material I may have grabbed while on the run.

It funny, I never thought before that being this uh-sgustin’ could be so much fun!

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