Conversation between a semi-intelligent adult and an even more intelligent 3-year-old

Jadon: Oppers go ow.

Mommy: What?

Jadon: Oppers go OW!

Mommy: Ok, sweetie. (Pretending I have some remote idea of what he’s saying.)

Jadon: (Increasingly frustrated and gesticulating wildly.) Hoppers! Owt!

Mommy: (Realization suddenly dawns.) Hoppers got out?

Jadon: Yeah.

Mommy: (Running toward the stairs.) Hoppers is out of his cage right now?

Jadon: (Laughing.) Yeah.

Mommy: (Fifteen minutes later, after chasing a loose rabbit around the house.) How did Hoppers get out?

Jadon: (Very proud and grinning.) Me.

So, evidently now I have to be on the lookout for 3-year-olds helping critters make jailbreaks. Wonderful. I didn’t have enough to do.

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