Mommy Needs Meds

Aspirin. Advil. Morphine. Whatever you got…I’ll take it. (Of course, always in a very responsible way and never while the kids are awake or while operating heavy machinery.) Mommy Needs Meds was going to be the title of a book, and it may still end up being that, but for now, it’s a good way to give a visual of life in our crazy little world.

So, let’s see, in the last 24 hours, we have dealt with:

  • an escaped rabbit
  • a chinchilla with a taste for the used-to-be-pretty baseboards in our house
  • kids in a window well
  • kids trying to fill the same window well up with water from the garden hose
  • an emergency have-to-have-black-pants-NOW shopping trip
  • a have-to-have-matching-shoes crisis
  • a spur-of-the-moment trampoline meet
  • crazy relatives (not pointing fingers or naming names)
  • a habitually barfing cat
  • and oh yeah, 3-year-olds who would rather wallow in their own poop all day instead of going to the potty

I’m sure this list is nowhere even near comprehensive, so, yeah, Mommy Needs Meds. And the good ones, too. Not those wimpy little Tylenol capsules or aspirin. I need full-on, high-potency NyQuil on the rocks with a twist, shaken, not stirred. There’s nothing a good NyQuil cocktail can’t fix!

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