Spank Dat Rain!

Ah, springtime. Flowers and bees and trees…oh wait, and screaming toddlers who do not care for springtime storms. I love this time of year!

Here’s just a sample of what we’ve heard over the last few days of rainy and windy weather:

“Jadon skeered” (translation: scared)

“Too noisy!”

“Too yowd” (translation: loud)

“Dada, spank dat rain!”

The weather is not playing by the rules in Jadon’s little world, and he’s pretty certain that all can be made right if Daddy would simply beat the living tar out of the rain. (Because we beat them a lot—not.) I’m not sure where he got this notion, because I’m pretty sure I can count the number of love taps they’ve each gotten, with their diapers for padding no less, on three fingers (or less).

We are, however, full of threats, and I’m sure Jadon has adopted this manner of dealing with all the ills in the world. Don’t you know, anything can be fixed with a spanking? Or at least the threat of a spanking.

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