Man the Lifeboats!

We have been having lots of rain lately, and by ‘rain,’ I do not mean that very pleasant springtime drizzle.  Oh, no—I’m talking about deluges that have turned our yard into a lake.  I have noticed this, Jason has noticed this, and pretty much anyone who has to picture themselves eventually mowing the jungle of a lawn when it finally dries out has noticed it.
But I didn’t think the little guys had noticed it.  You know it’s rained entirely too much when the 3-year-old looks out the window and says, “I need a life jacket.”
And on a related note, since yesterday’s flood only lasted a short time, Jadon also saw something else.  He shouted excitedly from his room, and Jason went to see if he had hog-tied his brother or if some other equally traumatizing event was occurring.  Nope.  All was well.  He was shouting because he had seen something else outside his window—the first rainbow he has even seen (well, or at least the first one he has acknowledged).
So the boys and Jason looked out the window at the rainbow for a long time.  But I’m sure Jadon was still worried about his life jacket and whether or not there would be enough life boats.  No worries.  I feel absolutely certain that we could fit 2 adults, 5 kids, 2 cats, a chinchilla, a rabbit, a snake, and a beta fish in the lifeboat with room to spare.  Anyone want to hop in with us?  I’m sure it’ll be one heck of an exciting ride!

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