Would it be wrong…?

Here’s the sitch.  Micaela has a bit of trouble distinguishing and working with spatial differences in objects.  (Translation:  Things like puzzles are hard for her.)  This is all due to an unfortunate incident before kindergarten in which a certain day camp let her nearly drown in their pool, but that’s all water under the bridge.  (Yeah, I crack myself up sometimes.)
Anyway, last night she announced to Jason and me that she had a brand new list of things to put on her birthday list.  (No doubt.  The list already has somewhere around 500 items on it, and it continues to grow.)
She informed us that she had spent the day working puzzles and was now completely “into” them.
Fantastic! we thought.
As she began work on her third puzzle of the day, we started to hear mysterious noises that resembled furniture being hurled across the room or an earthquake or maybe even a minor explosion.  Noises that were somewhat alarming and accompanied by shouts of frustration.
I was guessing that the third puzzle, and by far the most difficult, was proving to be a bit more of a challenge than she had anticipated.
And yep, I was right.  It wasn’t long before she stomped out of her room, declared herself a failure, and taped a sign to her door announcing to all passersby that they would promptly be eaten by trolls if they were to attempt to gain entrance to her fortress.
Ok, really the sign said this:
Um, so here’s my dilemma.  Would it be totally and completely wrong of me to correct the spelling in that situation?  Yeah, I thought so, but I sure wanted to.

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