Favorite Words

I have several.  I am sure most people do.
Some of my all-time favorites include classics, such as conundrum and accoutrement and epiphany.  Those are all fun words, and believe me, there are many, many more where those came from.  Don’t make me start listing them.
I’m not sure when I started having favorite words, but I’m pretty sure it was back in 3rd grade when Mrs. Gravendijk (oh yeah, I still know how to spell it…because she was a spelling FREAK) taught me what the word dote means.  Hence, a love for words was born.
Now, however, I am worried.  I am seeing this same love blossom in Jadon, and he is only three years old.  His new favorite word is…wait for it…
Nothing profound.  Nothing multi-syllabic.  Really just pretty gross (see previous post about the all-around grossness of boys).
And everything must be followed by this new best word EVER.  He uses it almost like punctuation.  Here’s a sample conversation:
Me:  Do you want a peanut butter sandwich?
Jadon:  Yes, peanut butter.  Poop.
Me:  We don’t need to say that word all the time.
Jadon:  Ok, sorry, Mom.  Poop.
Me:  You need to drink your milk.
Jadon:  Chocolate milk?  Poop.
You get the idea.  And when he gets really, really excited or wound up about something, he’ll exclaim POOP! POOP! POOP! over and over again, usually while jumping on the sofa or climbing the kitchen cabinets.
We’re working really hard on potty training, because…well, I don’t want to have the only kindergarteners crapping themselves on the bus.  So anyway, I was thinking the other day that maybe his fascination with poop means that he’s ready to put it in the potty—WHERE IT BELONGS.
So I asked him, “Do you need to poop in the potty?”
And he answered, very happily I might add, “No.  Jay-Jay poop in pants.”  Sort of like he was saying ‘no, but thanks very much for asking’ in his polite little voice.
And then I thought to myself, OH POOP, my kids are going to be the only ones carrying Pull-Ups to elementary school!

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