So, Jordan has a little trouble letting other kids know that he wants to play with them.  His current methods of reaching out include things like sitting on them or grabbing them or even just stepping in front of them to block their escape route.
This is usually ok when it involves Jadon, because Jadon will speak up and yell when he is displeased with Jordan’s behavior.  In fact, just last night, we had to removed Jordan from Jadon’s head no less than half a dozen times.  We just go upstairs and put Jordan back in his own bed, and before we have time to even get back downstairs, he’s usually crawling all over Jadon again.  And then we go back upstairs.  And the pattern continues until Jordan has completely exhausted himself and finally passes out in his own bed.
But here’s the thing.  Jadon loves his brother, and he knows how to deal with it when he sits on him.  His first line of defense is usually to scream, but sometimes he will just keep moving away so that Jordan will not be right on top of him.  So it’s all good because they are comfortable with each other, and they are learning when they need more space and when they don’t.
However.  (And that’s a big however.)  If you happen to know the little blonde-haired girl who was playing in the tunnels at McDonald’s last night, please send her my most profuse apologies.  I’m fairly certain she is, at this very moment, trying to get a judge to issue a restraining order against my son.
I don’t know if it was the blonde hair or the fact that she was just about the same size as him or because she smelled like yummy chicken nuggets.  Something about her made Jordan adopt her as his new BFF, and he did not leave her side the entire time we were at McDonald’s.  He followed her, stepped in front of her to block her from leaving him, and even held her hand at one point.
And I think she was probably a really sweet little girl, too, because she kept trying to talk to Jordan, and the more she talked, the more he jumped around and followed her, all without saying a word of his own.  I’m sure she must have been confused about why her new stalker wouldn’t say a single word to her, but she kept being nice and playing with him.
I think kids must just have a way of knowing things.  Jordan would mime certain things and grunt here and there, and she would just keep playing with him and talking.  Somehow, she knew Jordan wanted to play with her, and she was his friend for the little while that we were there—so I didn’t feel quite so bad about him stalking her, because she seemed totally ok with it.
I’m just glad he didn’t have to sit on her to get her to play with him, because I’m thinking that might have turned into a completely different scene if her mom had to dig her out from under him in the PlayPlace.
Hey, Jordan made a little friend!  All on his own!  I want so badly to baby him and help him do everything, because I keep thinking how hard things must be for him.  But you know what?  He did it.  All on his own.  And I was so proud of him!

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