Back to School

Marissa’s school was first.  Right around the corner from our house, yet I thought the poor girl would never make it through that excruciating distance without having an excitement-induced stroke.
First of all, she got the teacher she was wanting.  (Insert freakishly high-pitched girl scream here.)
And THEN, to make things even better, her two best friends, who are also our neighbors, are in the SAME!  CLASS!  OMG!  (Another long and high-pitched squeal.)
So, off we went, and when we arrived at her classroom, she instantly fell in love with her teacher all over again…because do you know what this wise, wise teacher asked her to do?  She asked her to organize her desk!
Now, this may not seem like a big thing, but for Marissa, it’s sort of like offering a crack addict a free hit.  She instantly went into some sort of alphabetizing, straightening, organizing frenzy, and I’m pretty sure that she maintained a metabolically challenging heart rate the entire time.  I swear, the girl wouldn’t have been happier if a little Leprechaun had appeared and offered her her very own sparkly unicorn.
So, we met the teacher.  We organized.  We chatted, and then we made our way to Jordan’s school, a tale that will be saved for the next entry, mostly because I want this one to be all about Marissa and how excited she is about the new school year.
I have the whole spectrum of kids when it comes to excitement about learning, by the way.  It ranges all the way from ‘OMG, I’m so excited I could just pee!’ to ‘Aw, crap, that stuff again?’
And I feel a little twinge of excitement for Marissa, because I can distinctly remember the days when it only took the smell of new erasers and paper to make me feel like I could conquer the world.  Ok, maybe I’m still a little bit like that when it’s school supply time, but I’ll never ever admit to buying new notebooks and pencils for myself in the school supply aisle.  Because that would be lame…right?  Although, there was this really cool set of sticky notes that was calling my name.
And don’t even get me started about walking into an office supply store.  It’s like Christmas.  I think my girl might just be a little like her mommy.

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