School Bus Envy

Jadon is angry.  He has been wronged.  The world has done him an injustice.
No, his PlayDoh did not dry out, nor did his gallon jug of bubbles spill in the grass.  What has his pull-up in a wad is the fact that Jordan gets to ride the big, yellow, beautiful, awesomely-neato school bus.  Every day.  Every.  Single.  Day.
So every day now (well, Monday through Thursday anyway), Jadon has to stand on the driveway and watch as Jordan gets swooped away by the magical bus that may as well be filled with chocolate candy bars and little powdered doughnuts…because those are the only things in the world that could possibly make the school bus seem any cooler than it already is.
Never mind the fact that his brother is going for speech and occupational therapy to get him ready for Kindergarten.  Nope, all that matters is that Jordan gets to go and he doesn’t and it’s not fair and why can’t he go and he really really wants to go pleeeeease!
And to make matters worse, do you even know what Jordan came home with after his first day at school?  Can you even guess?  And no, it wasn’t head lice, and thank Gaawd, because I totally don’t do bugs (insert eye roll and gum smack here).
Wait for it…
He came home with the most awesomely awesome magical thing he had made—which was almost as awesome as the bus.  Which ticked Jadon off even more.  He came home from school with a hand-made—complete with staples and glue and stickers and string—set of toilet-paper-roll binoculars.  Could life even BE any more UNFAIR to Jadon?
After trying to rip the binoculars away from his brother and after throwing a monumental screaming tantrum right in the middle of the living room, Jadon turned to me and said, “I want ’noculars, too.”  Sniff, sniff, snot, snot.
And so after he apologized for letting Satan take over his body for approximately two minutes, during which time he kicked and screamed and chased his brother, we decided we would make ’noculars together.
Enter Marissa, an awesome big sister and crafty girl extraordinaire.  She volunteered (ok, I bribed her) to take Jadon upstairs to make his very own set of ’noculars, which turned out more like a telescope, but whatever.  He had his very own toilet paper tube, and life was grand.
Marissa and I decided that we should probably keep the art supplies close at hand, because we’re pretty sure this is going to be a daily occurrence.  As soon as one kid comes home with a noodle necklace or a picture made with beans glued onto construction paper, the other kid is going to want one.  Man the glue bottle, Cap’n, there’s a storm a-brewin’.

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