New Words

Jordan is in his third week of school now, and he is trying so hard to talk!  He has a few words that are very clear and now even more that are clear only to us.  I think I was most excited about the word ‘paper’ because it was the first word he attempted that wasn’t a duplicating word (like ‘mama’ or ‘dada’ or ‘buba’).  Ok, so it came out a little like ‘papa,’ which would technically be one of those words, BUT he meant to say ‘paper.’  And it was so exciting!
He was so proud of himself.  And every time I praise him for his good talking, he just beams.  That kid is such a pleaser.  He wants to do things, and do them right.  He doesn’t like to be in trouble.  So when he gets praise for trying his hardest to say words that are so difficult for him, he simply beams!
It’s only been three weeks, but I think he’s gained some confidence, too.  Now, he doesn’t walk to the bus.  He saunters.  It’s sort of a jaunty little hop/strut as he heads off to school.  (And to think, I was worried about how traumatized he might be!)  He happily puts on his little flame-design backpack and his big-boy jeans, and he saunters.  I love it!
And he wears hair gel.  He has this spiky little ‘do going on, and he’s pretty proud of that, too.  Turns out, this school thing is working for him.  Go, Jordan!

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