Not As It Seems

This is sort of a public service announcement of sorts, meant to help anyone who may be traveling in the near future.  It has been brought to my attention that unknowing travelers may, due to circumstances beyond their control, find themselves in the midst of certain celebrations without even knowing the celebration is occurring.
Now, most of the time, this would merely be an added bonus to the trip.  However (and that’s a BIG however), there are certain celebrations about which one may wish to have heightened awareness.  And there are certain travelers (ahem…Jason and dude friend that I will politely refrain from naming) who could most probably benefit from this knowledge.
I therefore present to you…
How To Know If You’ve Accidentally Ended Up Smack In The Middle Of Gay Mardi Gras Without Knowing It
(I know, I know.  I could happen to anyone, right?  Um, actually no, I don’t think so.)
  • You suddenly realize that Bourbon Street is filled with patrons wearing ass-less chaps and various other leather accoutrements.
  • You make the observation that cover charge is FREE for each and every single straight bar.  (Hmmm, maybe because there were absolutely NO patrons there for them?)
  • People are dancing in the streets to a blasting rendition of ‘YMCA.’
  • Most of the “girls” present on the street either have Adam’s apples or a 5 o’clock shadow.
  • Strange men are suddenly offering to buy you and your buddy a drink.
I never really thought I would find myself needing to compose a list such as this, but alas, how life can surprise us!  Turns out that Jason and his buddy, while on a boys’ casino trip for the weekend stumbled across a wild and crazy Bourbon Street celebration, one which they happily joined.  They drank.  They laughed.  They walked up and down the street, taking it all in.
Upon their return, they regaled us all with tales of the crazy sites they had seen on Bourbon Street, complete with most of the above-mentioned scenarios.  And only after they returned, after they told of their evening-long adventure in the heart of New Orleans did one of Jason’s close friends say to him, “Dude, did you know it was gay Mardi Gras that weekend?”
And, of course, he did not.  As I laugh about this, I’m starting to envision ways of tormenting him endlessly.  Perhaps a pair of his very own ass-less chaps for Christmas?

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