Holy Cwap!

Ok, this is WAY better than some phrases that Jadon may have (hypothetically speaking, of course) heard or been exposed to.  Not that I would ever say anything worse than ‘Holy Cwap!’ because I wouldn’t.  Ever.
Jason is constantly reminding me that there are little ears present and also that the little people attached to those little ears like to repeat things—usually at the most awkward times.  This particular instance wasn’t so bad, because we were locked away in the privacy of our own home when Jadon noticed the utility folks digging up our back yard.  And he really had about the same reaction that I did—Holy Cwap!  In fact, I’m pretty sure this is my new favorite expression, complete with the Elmer Fudd/toddler-esque pronunciation.
I really wanted to laugh.  And I was laughing on the inside, believe me.  But as soon as I even looked like I might crack a smile and acknowledge (gasp!) the irrefutable cuteness of the moment, Jason gave me the death glare, you know, the look that says, ‘Don’t you dare encourage this.’  So I held my amusement in until I was about to burst.  (I’m pretty sure there are some probable health concerns that might come about from suppressing my amusement in such a way, and I hope that one day, when my spleen bursts from the pressure, that Jason feels very, very guilty.)
Anyway, like I was saying, this one wasn’t bad at all.  Not nearly as bad as the time that Micaela, having just completed a study of black history in school, marched up to the first African-American man she saw in Target and commenced the “I have a dream…” speech.  That…now THAT was bad.
Or the time, when I was little, that I announced to the entire church that I had “sheep shit on my shoes.”  I keep hearing that was bad.  In fact, 38 years later (give or take), I keep being reminded of my irreverent and unholy church behavior.  (I sort of find it funny.  Well, ok, hilarious actually, but I’m afraid to tell my mom that.)  And to give myself credit, I had just come from my grandma’s farm, and I more than likely was telling the truth about what I had stepped in.
So my point is that, HOLY CWAP, it could be WAY worse!  And darn it, it WAS funny.  Ha Ha—so there, Jason, I’m laughing, and I’m probably encouraging his behavior.  But you gotta admit, ‘cwap’ is just a funny word.

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