Not Too Spooky

This Halloween was the best one we’ve had with the little boys.  Not that the first year–when they were both scared of their dalmation costumes–wasn’t a blast.  And not that the next year–when they both got to the farthest point from home on our walk and THEN refused to take another step–wasn’t also a fantastic time.  They were all great.

All I’m saying is that this year, the weather cooperated.  The boys cooperated.  The costumes weren’t a) too itchy,  b) too hot,  c) too scary, or d) all of the above.  We had a very happy monkey:

And we had a not-entirely-unhappy dragon.  He was definitely happier once he realized that the ridiculous dragon costume would get him more candy:

Once we were able to wrestle Jordan into the dragon costume for the fifty-bazillionth time, we ran out the door (before he could take it off again) and headed to the neighbors’ for loot…you know, the kind of loot that would have all the neighborhood kiddies wallowing in a sugar-induced stupor by bedtime.

The boys actually walked the entire time, which was a vast improvement over years past.  Although, halfway through our candy quest, their pace slowed considerably, and they showed more interest in plundering their bags than in begging for more candy.  Whateva’, little guys, Mommy and Daddy are on the lookout for Reese’s and Snickers, so get on up there and ring another doorbell.

We lasted about an hour before exhaustion set in (mostly on the part of the parents, but I think the kids were tired, too).  This was ok, because earlier in the evening we were informed by Marissa that we were no longer cool, and she ditched us.  Yup.  Ditched.  Us.  (I know, right?!  Can you even believe it?)  Evidently, her friend was a WAY cooler trick-or-treat buddy, so the Mad Hatter headed off to greener pastures…or more sugary streets.  But I did get a pic before she left:

We allowed a bit of candy eating before bed, but it didn’t take long to usher all our little goblins off to sleep after they came in from their candy gathering.  After all, Mommy and Daddy still had to plunder the candy bags for the good stuff.

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