It starts early these days.  Nope, it’s not one of the girls I’m worried about.  In fact, it’s Jadon.
See, we’ve played with Kendall before, and he really, really likes to hang out with Kendall.  To him, she must surely embody everything that smelly little boys with sticky pocketfuls of M&Ms dream about.
First of all, he has worked on saying her name.  A lot.  She went from Kane-dall to Candle, which I think maybe is a step in the right direction.  I’m not really sure though.
His luck was out in full-force when I made his day by telling him that Kendall would be going to the trampoline team party with us this last Friday.  Big, elated 3-year-old gasp, “Candle’s coming?!”  When I confirmed this, he immediately announced, “I gonna get all my toys out for Candle to play!”
Fast forward to party time.  We had the party in a big, open rec-room/gymnasium-type area in a local church, so there was a lot of room for running around, and believe me, there were a LOT of kids running around.  Perfect scene for us smuggle in an extra kid, because after all, most people probably look at our crazy family and wonder, ‘How many kids DO they have?  Oh yeah, we blend.
So once we arrived at the party, people started to mingle.  And this mingling included the toddlers.  Jadon (a.k.a. The Stalker) went everywhere with Kendall.  He followed her, and at one point during the evening, she handed him her half-eaten cookie, which he obediently carried while following behind her as she played.  By being the cookie valet, he was able to give her bites at times when it was convenient for her, so as not to interrupt her playing.
When he felt he wasn’t getting quite enough attention from the object of his affection, he would promptly do what any smitten toddler would do to demonstrate his affection—he would hop in front of her and make a silly face to get her attention.  Or her would offer her a drink.  Or he would give her a ribbon.
Sheesh, the kid is already courting and wooing and such.  All I know is that if someone had followed me around with a cookie when I was three, I would have been in love for life.

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