Yeppers, did we drop a doozy on everyone today.  Seems that we’re out of pull-ups, and we decided, what the heck!  Maybe if the kid doesn’t have 500-ply cotton to poop into every day…maybe, just maybe he’ll stop loading up his pants.
Except for the fact that we may have forgotten to mention this to his sitter.  And his teacher.  And well, pretty much anyone who will have any interaction with him at all today.  Good luck, suckas!  (We did pack a couple extra pair of underwear, though, because we’re just not THAT cruel.)
More to come on whether our hypothesis is, if fact, correct.
A + B = C
If A = Poop and B = Diapers, Then C = Poopy Diapers
Therefore, A – B = D
D = Clean Pants
Yep, you guessed it.  I was no math major.

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