The Nerve!

Jordan has a cut on his face.  Well, actually it’s a gash, and it’s right at the end of his eyebrow and runs downward toward the outside of his eye.  We’re not quite sure how he got this gash, and since he can’t talk that much, we don’t have a whole lot of background information to go on.  But here’s what we know:
  • After being tucked into bed the other night, Jordan started crying.
  • Jason went up to check on Jordan.
  • Jordan had acquired the above-mentioned gash sometime between being tucked in and being checked on by Jason.
  • Upon being asked what happened, Jordan immediately began whimpering-grunting-crying and pointing at his brother and saying “Jay Jay.”  (Actually, it sounds more like “Tee Tee,” except we know that’s what he says to reference his brother.)
  • Jadon immediately shrouded his face in cherub-like innocence—looking WAY more innocent than he actually is.
Here’s what we’ve deduced.  Somehow, and at some point in time, Jadon became disgruntled with Jordan and whacked him upside the head with something.  (I know, we should be FBI or CIA or something.  Because we can pick up on clues and stuff.)
Fast-forward to last night.  Jadon was the one screaming down from their room, letting us know he was none too pleased with whatever turn of events that had just caused his little world to implode.
So Jason marched up the stairs.  And found a crime scene.  Or a blood bath.  Or something along those lines.  Actually, what happened was that Jordan’s cut had started to bleed again because he had probably scratched it.  Anyway, with his brother sitting there bleeding, Jadon turned to Jason and said, “Jordan bleed on MY pillow!”
He was upset that Jordan had the nerve to bleed on something that wasn’t his.  Never mind the fact that Jadon probably hit him in the head with a dump truck or something the day before.  The most recent problem was that Jordan had not stayed in his bed and bled on his own dang stuff.
Note:  When spending time with Jadon, be extra cautious not to bleed on his stuff.  And it would also be helpful if, whenever you are sick, you could barf somewhere that’s convenient for him.

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