‘Twas 10 Days Before Christmas…

And all through the house, nothing could be heard but commercials for every kid-hypnotizing toy under the face of the sun.  Sheesh, if I hear anyone singing “It’s a pillow.  It’s a pet.  It’s a Pillow Pet…” one more time, I think I’m going to barf.
That’s not exactly a Ba Humbug on my part.  Just an observation.  But here’s a tip for all the commercial-writing marketing geniuses out there.  My kids would buy anything (ANY. THING.) with a commercial like that.  Just look at all the giddy children hopping all over the screen hugging and slobbering on their very own Pillow Pets.  You could probably sell them something as non-exciting as term life insurance, if only you let happy, sugared-up kids prance across the screen singing and proclaiming their life-long bliss to the entire world like that.
And do you know that we already own Pillow Pets?  Yes, we do.  We already have our very own menagerie of soft, squishy critters.  Yet somehow, we need more.  Because, did you know there’s a bumble bee?  And a unicorn?  And a pony?  And OMG, someone shoot me.
And happy holidays to you all.  May you all have a blessed and merry Christmas, made possible by the mere existence of Pillow Pets.  (Yes, that was sarcasm.  And for the record, after this year, I’m pretty sure that every manger scene recreated to show the true meaning of Christmas will probably have Pillow Pets standing in for the sheep.)

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