What Can We Do on a Snowy Day?

Lots of things, really.  But let me just say that the majority of the day was spent begging—BEGGING—to go outside in the blizzard, and when their ogre of a mean, mean mommy refused to let them go get frozen to death in a 5-foot drift, then they started to beg to play the Wii.  Which would not be a problem…if Mommy weren’t completely technologically inept.  (Note to self:  For the love of all that is holy, learn to turn on the Wii so that the kids will not drive me to drink vodka before noon.)
So, after explaining to them that Mommy is a moron and that they would have to wait for Daddy to get home to get the Wii going for them, they made do with what they had.  And, for the record, after bribing their sisters with shopping sprees and fresh-made brownies, they did volunteer agree to be coerced into playing with their little brothers with the electronic babysitter for some small degree of time.
And then came, “Look, Mama!  I’m Mrs. Potato Head!”  Nope, that’s not a typo.  He was going for the Mrs. look as he stole the potato head parts.  At one point, there were parts in his mouth, nose, and ears, but they kept falling out.  Life with boys is great!
And then, taking a stroll in Sissy’s boots.  I think the thigh-high style looks quite fetching on Jadon.

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