This boy makes me laugh so hard sometimes.  He can be so silly and so serious and so fit-throwingly mad at times.  And he says some of the greatest things—things I want to be able to tell him about when he gets older.
So here’s a glimpse of Spring 2011 with Jadon.
After waking up dry for the first morning EVER:  “I be dry!  I be DRYYYY!”
And when dealing with a particularly difficult kid in his preschool gymnastics class, “What’s a matter wif her?”
And frequently, we heard, “THAT’S not nice.”
And when defending his brother, “Jo-Jo’s fine!”
Getting dressed after bath time, after I had helped him with his undies, he informed me, “Mommy, my wee wee’s upside down!”  (As if I had put it in there wrong or something.)
And along those same lines, an observation.  “My wee wee’s wittle, but it’ll grow.”
His typical response when I get frustrated is, “Jo-Jo do it.”
“I wanna watch Bob-Bob.”  We have a big SpongeBob fan.
“I wanna lay on the floor.”  Because his bed simply doesn’t work for him.  Instead, he would rather camp on a pile of blankets on the floor in our bedroom.
“Daddy, I need batteries.”  Because any time a toy is broken or otherwise not working properly or performing to his expectations, it must need batteries.  That’s the only possible explanation.
Jadon Micah, you are one funny little dude!

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