A Brief Conversation

Mommy:  You boys are making me mad.

Jadon:  We makin’ you mad?  (Cue big, brown eyes that make it almost impossible to get mad at him.)

Mommy:  Yes, you guys are starting to make me mad.

Jadon:  You almost there?

Mommy:  Ummm…(confused pause as I consider the actual destination of “mad”)  Sure, yeah, I’m almost there.

Jadon:  You fru-ter-ated?

Mommy:  Maybe a little.  (But really thinking Not sure I could get much more #$%$^^ frustrated than this.)

Jadon:  Oh, ok.  Wuff you, Mommy.  Can we watch more SpongeBob?

Seriously, kid!  I’m trying to be mad over here.  How can I get mad at that?

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