Reasons Why I Can’t Go Hide in a Closet Somewhere for the Next 10 Years

  1. My family might start to wonder, “Where the heck is that lady that makes the most delicious Pizza Rolls EVER?” 
  1. No one else would ever remember to check the front and back doors to make sure they are locked.  They would be happy letting the boogie man in for ice cream and movies every night.
  1. No one can get the tangles out of Marissa’s hair like I can.
  1. Jadon would not have Mommy’s shirt to wipe his snotty nose on, and he would therefore be forced to use (gasp!) a tissue.
  1. Jordan’s pants would remain full of sand at all times, and I’m pretty sure that would start to chafe.
  1. No one else believes that Micaela runs into the weekly misfortune of breaking her school binder.  I’m sort of wrapped around her finger, so see, she needs me.  For the binders.
  1. Who else if going to get poop balls out of the dryer?
So it’s for these reasons—and many more—that I heft myself onto my two feet and continue to trudge forward.

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