Hey, Wait a Minute!

Color is a funny thing.  Not too long ago, Jadon spent a good, long minute studying his summer-tanned little arm and then comparing it to my not-so-tan arm.  He would look back and forth, and he would hold his arm up next to mine.  Now, those of you who know us, know that there is a definite difference in our skin tones.   As in, I’m fluorescent white, and he’s a beautiful tan that anyone would LOVE!  In fact, I’m pretty sure I don’t even have a freckle that’s as tan as this little boy’s skin.  I’m telling you, it’s beautiful.
Anyway, after studying the difference in our arms, he looked up at me, and when he spoke, he had this tone that sort of said, “Hey, lady, I’m onto you.  I know something’s up here.  I’m just not quite sure what it is.”
But the words that came out of his little 4-year-old mouth were, “Hey, I sink I’m bwack!”  (Translation:  Hey, I think I’m black.)
I tried really, really hard not to laugh at his accusing, quasi-A-HA moment.  Instead, I very calmly told him, “Well, you’re really black.  It’s actually more of a brown color.”
Although this moment was funny and cute and charming, and it made me love this kid even more, it also made me think that dang, this kid is smart, and he’s starting to notice things.  The boys are not old enough yet to fully understand the concept of adoption and everything that is part of their history, but one day they will.  One day they will know that there are people in other parts of the world that loved them so much that they let them come be a part of our family.  And they will also know every single day that our family is so very blessed to have them.
My boys are an inspiration and an adventure, and they make me smile every day.  I hope they always know that the color of our skin is not what makes us alike or different.  We are a family, and that’s what really matters.  (But I’m still kinda jealous of that beautiful tan skin!)

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