It’s hard to tell whether Jordan’s favorite thing in the world right now is Transformers or Ms. Beth, so I’m going to have to say it’s a tie.  But I’m gonna just tell you this—I’m  pretty sure the little guy is obsessed with both.
For approximately, oh, the ENTIRE SUMMER, Jordan has worn his new Transformers backpack around the house, and over the course of the summer, that backpack has accumulated numerous items.  We ran across the backpack early in the summer on an outing to Walmart, and we had to buy it right then and there.  Ok, well, we didn’t have to buy it, but it was either that, or I was going to have to leave Jordan behind to live happily ever after with the backpack in the school supply aisle.  So the backpack came home with us.
From that very moment, Jordan began talking about going back to school and seeing Ms. Beth, who I’m pretty sure he’s in love with, in his little 4-year-old, my-teacher-is-the-center-of-my-world way.  And when we got home, he began packing his backpack with treasures he planned on taking to school to show Ms. Beth.
So, what can be found inside the Transformers backpack?  Let’s see.  Things like a torn book, an empty toilet paper tube, a single shoe, 2 building blocks, an empty envelope, a few smuggled sticks of gum, a miniature Buzz Lightyear, and a mystery key.  And, I’ll have you know, according to Jordan, these are all things that are very necessary to his daily existence—they must not, under any circumstances, be removed from the backpack.
And it came to pass…
Jordan somehow ended up with yet another Transformers backpack, probably because he pulled the same I-can’t-possibly-live-without-it routine on some unsuspecting grandparent.  But it worked out perfectly, because I was able to put all his necessary school supplies in the second backpack, and he was still able to keep the other backpack filled with his miscellaneous treasures from around the house.  Perfect.
Any-hoo, along comes Meet-the-Teacher night, and since I was working, Jason was in charge of meeting and greeting and all such things.  Now, he had two choices when it came to the backpack to take for Jordan’s class.  Backpack A was filled with buckets of Jordan’s earthly treasures, and Backpack  B was filled with actual school supplies that might be somewhat useful.  I’m going to give you guys a chance to guess…which backpack do you think Daddy grabbed?
Yep, bingo!  Ms. Beth, I really hope you enjoy the toilet paper tube, single shoe, and crusty gum.  I’m sure it will come in handy this school year.

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