My kids are busy.  I know this because of all the carpooling and lunch-packing and general kid-carting-around that takes place on a daily basis at our house.  I also know this because I am exhausted just watching them and trying to keep up with them on the highlighted and dog-eared paper schedule that lurks somewhere in the depths of my luggage purse.
Recently, it has come to my attention that my kids are WAY cooler than I was when I was a kid.  Take, for example, my 14-year-old.  She’s a twisting, turning, flipping, homework-doing, little-brother-toting, pet-rearing, friend-making, club-joining high schooler with energy to spare.  This prompted a comparison, a sort of then-and-now type of thing, if you will. 
Things I Was Doing When I Was 14
 ·      Picking at zits
·      Trying to hide zits
·      Applying astringent to get rid of zits
·      Hiding by my locker
·      Hoping not to get made fun of
·      Choosing my outfits carefully, so as to blend…so that I didn’t get made fun of
·      Learning (unsuccessfully) how to apply make-up
·      Wishing boys would talk to me
·      Playing checkers and Scrabble
·      Reading books about beautiful girls without zits
·      Removing astringent from face
·      Bemoaning the fact that zits were still on my face
·      Applying mud masks and vegetable concoctions to my face
·      Worrying what other kids thought about me
·      Worrying what other kids thought I thought about them
Things Micaela Is Doing at 14
·      Double back flips and various other trampoline acrobatics
·      Being a member of the Olympic Development Team
·      Being unique and being herself
·      Being funny and confident
·      Picking out whatever-the-heck outfit she feels like wearing
·      Teaching me how to correctly apply make-up
·      Rolling her eyes at boys and telling them she’s too busy being an amazing athlete to bother with them              (Yay!  Her parents personally think this one is really, really cool.)
·      Texting all her friends and being WAY more tech-savvy than her parents
·      Not even thinking about what other kids think of her (I LOVE that about this kid!)
Micaela, we are so proud of you, we could just burst!  (Not like a zit or anything, because that would be gross.  But more like those parents that just know they have a really amazing, positive, outgoing kid with loads of talent to spare.  That kind of bursting.)

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