Who Dunnit?

I’ll give you a guess.  It wasn’t Mommy.  And it rhymes with ‘Raddy.’

‘Someone’ attempted to make microwave popcorn for the slumber party this weekend.  That ‘someone’ shall remain nameless, but let’s just say that this person clearly has never successfully made microwave popcorn before…EVER.  Because, this was the result:

And then we had about eight 10-year-old girls where were nearly asphyxiated on burnt popcorn fumes before the movie party even started.  Don’t worry, parents, we’ll keep your kiddos safe.  We’ll just knock ’em out with noxious fumes, and they’ll sleep like angels until tomorrow when we can turn them right back over to you.  Bam!  That’s how you throw a slumber party!

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