Morning Discovery

Our 4-year-olds are explorers.  They are adventurers.  They are always looking for the next fun thing, the next little bit of trouble they can get into.  You just never quite know what you are going to get…as anyone with two 4-year-old boys might tell you.
Right now, they are fascinated with flashlights.  Because flashlights mean you are camping.  Or exploring in a dark cave.  Or looking for monsters in the woods.  Or sneaking up on Santa.  Flash lights are what Daddy has in his big tool box.  They are simply really, really cool things to have.
This is our Bullseye flashlight:
For any of you lame-o’s who aren’t aware, Bullseye is the horse in Toy Story who rides in and saves the day.  “Ride like the wind, Bullseye!”  (Yes, I have seen the movie about a gazillion too many times.)
Yesterday, in the wee, peaceful hours of the morning, I was getting ready for work…all by my lonesome since Jason was out of town.  (I’m pretty sure he has mistresses in several different towns now, although I’m not quite sure how he affords it, because very time he leaves, I go shopping to cope with the stress.)  I was in mid-shampoo sequence, with my eyes firmly squeezed shut.  I like to say that’s to keep the soap out, but really that’s when I pretend that I live in Hawaii and have a cabana boy waiting for me poolside with a nice, cold umbrella drink at the ready.  But I digress.
Anyway, I was mid-shampoo sequence, and in the barely-lit bathroom (I was trying not to wake anyone because then my Hawaii daydreams come to an end), I hear a little voice accompanied by hoof beats.  Yes, hoof beats.  Because Bullseye the flashlight makes galloping noises when he is working.
I opened one eye to see a pair of little brown eyes staring straight at me, in all my glory.  Jadon stood there, shining Bullseye’s light beam right on me, and as the galloping noise played in the background, he giggled and said, “I see you!”
Yep, yep you do.  Aloha, little dude, could you pass me that towel?

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