When Boys Don’t Want to Shop

You know the video-gaming habit has gotten really bad when the boys are thinking up crazy reasons to not leave the house EVER.  Yesterday, we had a long list of errands to run, and Jadon was trying to convince us that he should just stay home.
“I’ll just be crazy at the store,” he said.
’Nuff said, little man, you are probably right.  Let’s just get out the video games and numb your mind to any possible outside influences.  While I’m working on my brilliant parenting techniques, I should also pour a hefty teaspoon of Benadryl around naptime for our adult convenience.  But not before we serve up a yummy bowl of Cocoa Puffs and chocolate bars for breakfast.
With all those healthy influences, I don’t have any earthly idea why you would be crazy at the store.

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