There are things that just make you itchy.  Well, there are things that make me itchy anyway, and when I mentioned this to Jason the other day, he simply told me, “There is seriously something wrong with you.”
But before you agree with him, hear me out.  You might just find that you have a very similar list of things that make you itchy.
It all started when we went to have lunch with Marissa at her elementary school.  Now, let me just say that my OWN child does not make me itchy, but sometimes other people’s children make me itchy, but only sometimes.   It’s really not their fault, and I try not to feel itchy…I really do.  It’s not the kids I know.  And not the kids of the adults I know.  It’s mostly the kids that make you wonder if they’ve brushed their hair or their teeth recently.  It’s the ones with the big knots in their hair or the ones wearing hats or scarves or wooly things.  Yeah, those kids for sure.  (I know!  Criticize all you want…it makes me a bad person, but I can’t help it, and it sometimes makes me itchy.)
Anyway, so there are other things that make me itchy.  Like hats.  And people who wear hats.
And static electricity.  And bulky sweaters (I would rather wear two big ol’ long-sleeved t-shirts).  And fake heat, like the kind from electricity, which is really bad, because it tends to get cold in the winter, and my family tends to like heat.
And then there are the itch-inducing things like sneezy people, who tend to make me want to sneeze, causing me to have an itchy nose.
And polyester, especially those hotel comforters that make you wonder who else has been on them and whether or not things soak into them or roll off of the semi-water-resistant material.  (Major EWWWWW factor, along with the itch factor.)
And so when we were at the elementary school watching the endless parade of kids go by, I found myself mentally sorting them into itchy/non-itchy columns, and I confessed this to Jason.  Which is when he told me he thinks there is something seriously wrong with me.  He may be right.  But I’m telling you, it made me itchy.

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