Tornado Alley

Why there is a hot rock in hell with my name on it:
I laughed at the dude being interviewed by the tornado-chaser.
Why I laughed:
Because the dude said something to the effect of, “Welp, when I seen it, it was like a big ball o’ fire shot out of a cannon an’ went up in the air an’ landed on the ‘lectric wire.  And poof!  It all burst into flames, and then I saw ever’thing swirlin’, and we ran for the house, and I called 9-1-1.”
Now, first of all, in my defense, I would laugh at my own grandma every single time she said ‘welp’ instead of ‘well,’ so that just started the whole thing off on the wrong foot.  But then we got to the fire balls in the sky and swirling stuff and calling 9-1-1, and wondered what in the hell the dude answering the phone at the 9-1-1 office was supposed to do.  And I know it was wrong to laugh, but Oh. Ma. Gawd.
I seen it!

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