Creative Housekeeping

This could otherwise be titled Things That Suddenly Needed to Be Done in the Exact Same Room Where My Teenage Daughter Just Happened to Be Hanging Out With Her New Boyfriend Watching a Movie.  Yeah, because that’s the stuff I did.  I did a LOT of miscellaneous  housekeeping activities this afternoon, because of course, I would not ever want it to appear that I did not have trust in my daughter.  I do not, however, place that much trust in the raging hormones of teenage boys.  Thus, while they were enjoying their movie, I needed to:

  • Deliver laundry.
  • Drop off stray shoes.
  • Send the little brothers down with snacks.  Ok, a LOT of snacks.  The teenaged lovebirds might end up being obese, but I won’t end up being a grandma.  Score one for me.
  • Dust the hand railing.
  • Vacuum the stairs.
  • Deliver more laundry.  My kid now has more clean laundry than she’s had in weeks, merely because she had a boy over at the house.  Don’t get used to it, kid.
  • Drop off cat food.
  • Sweep floor immediately above room where they were located.  (Simultaneously participate in auditory recon.  Yeah, I spied on them.)

And FINALLY the boy had to leave for drum line practice.  Thank God, because that was more house work than I’d done in weeks.  I’m exhausted, and tomorrow I’m going to need a long nap to recover from the exertion I’ve had to expend just getting two teenagers with raging hormones to keep their hands off each other.  If he’d stayed much longer, I was going to have to get a housekeeper or something, because this pace simply cannot be maintained.

In the meantime, I’m off to dirty up the house a bit so that I’ll have some things to clean the next time he comes over.  Gotta make this operation look legit, you know.

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