This is the first time I have ever had to be concerned about possibly having to send my children to remedial school immediately following Kindergarten.  I have worried over my children’s educational progress before–believe me, I have worried.  I have worried about graduation.  I have worried about science projects, Spanish assignments, and even math worksheets.  But this, oh this is new.

Let me begin by saying I have never had colorers in these two youngest boys.  In fact, I have very vocal non-colorers.  It’s also important to point out that approximately 150% of one’s Kindergarten success seems to depend on coloring aptitude.  (Shit.)  So without further ado, I present Jordan’s masterpiece, entitled ‘The Cereal is Brown.’  (Apparently, so is everything else.)

And then there’s Jadon.  Oh, my.  Where do I even begin?  Let’s see, since school began a mere few weeks ago, he’s apparently forgotten how to write his name.  It’s now NOJAD (about half of those are backwards).  The word ‘the’ is spelled UBC.  The word ‘are’ is spelled IZL.  Need I go on?  I think not.

It gets worse.  The teacher’s note in his folder says, “We did these together in class.”  Translation:  “What the hell is wrong with this kid?  These should all be correct because we effing did them TOGETHER!”

Holy hell, we are going to fail Kindergarten.  I’m looking into online schooling options now.

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