The Door and My Big Toe

It’s a really, really good thing to have your foot in the door somewhere.  It’s a great thing to have contacts and know who to talk to and feel like you are making forward progress, especially if you are an immediate-gratification type like I am.  If I don’t see progress, I tend to…hmmm, how you say?…freak the freak out.
It’s one thing to have your foot in the door.  It’s quite another, however, to feel like you barely—just barely—have your big toe lodged (nay, stuck) in the crack of the door.  Am I on my way in?  Or is my toe so stuck that I simply can’t get to another door?  Good question.
Currently, I am just stubborn enough to think I can pry open an entire door with my big toe, so I’m going to continue taking every little centimeter I can get.  And until it gets to the point that I feel like I can’t budge the door any more at all, I will probably keep my toe wedged in it, inching it open ever so slightly.  Those of you who know me know this is absolute torture for me!  I want things to happen quickly—like yesterday.
Lucky for me, I have another foot and another big toe.  I can leave this one wedged in the door and begin working on other doors.  I happen to believe that in the right instances, stubbornness is a virtue, and in certain situations, it may be the only way to make it to the place you want to be.  So if you happen to see me in the near future with all of my toes jammed in doors and trying to pry them open, try not to give me too many funny looks, ok?

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